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Retain control
over your crypto records

How many different reports do you get when you:

– buy coins on multiple exchanges

– exchange/lend coins on numerous DeFi platforms

– transfer crypto onto your hot/cold wallets

What if there was a way to
reconcile all your crypto transactions, and obtain a taxable gains report within 15 minutes?

How it works

Our software is built around the ability for users to review every step of the process.

Once you’ve imported all your transactions, it’s a simple three step process:

1.  Reconcile Transactions
      We prepare a transaction summary. You review to see if everything looks ok.


2.  Choose Cost Basis
      We calculate gains using every method approved by the ATO. You choose the one that suits your tax position.

3.  Review Inventory
      We give you a detailed breakdown of every coin held at year end. You review to see if it matches your wallets.

Reconcile Transactions

Choose Cost Basis

Review Inventory

Reconcile Transactions

Review Transactions

Was it a sale or a gift to spouse? Ignore crypto purchased to buy those event tickets?
No one knows your transactions better than you do.

Add Transactions

Manually enter transactions for old, hard-to obtain records from platforms which no longer exist.

Edit Transactions

Your favourite exchange doesn’t record brokerage in their reports? 
Don’t miss out on deductible expenses. Update transactions where required.

Delete Transactions

Got those annoying ‘Spam coins’ in your wallet? 

Clean up transactions.

Choose a cost basis that’s
approved by the ATO

First in First out

Lower tax threshold in the current year?

Record higher profits.

Last in First out

Prices fell just after you bought?

Book in those losses.

Highest in First out

Sell the coin with the highest cost basis, every single time.

Review Inventory

Maintain accurate records

Total coins held ✔ 

Details of every unit purchased ✔  

Total inventory value (cost basis) ✔

Important Features

  • Currently supports direct import from exchanges including Binance, Coinspot, Independent Reserve and Celsius, with more on the way soon
  • Alternatively use our standard xls file to upload data from any platform
  • Have a large amount of data? Or want us to urgently prioritise your favourite platform? Let us know
  • Gains report calculated using FIFO, LIFO and HIFO method. You choose what works best for you
  • Year end report detailing your taxable capital gains and other income
  • Detailed inventory report showing the purchase date for every coin held
  • We know a lot of great registered tax accountants who love crypto as much as you and us
  • Drop us a message and we’ll connect you with one of our recommended tax firms
  • Start with the one that feels optimum – you can always upgrade later
  • If you need an upgrade, we’ll only charge the difference
  • Need a hand with reconciling those messy transactions? We offer tailored services as well. Let us know

Additional features specifically for tax professionals

Ease of reconciliation

Don’t spend hours going through multiple reports from different platforms.


Review one streamlined report for the full year or any part thereof.

ATO compliant

Annual transaction report for ATO records.


Capital Gains calculated using FIFO, LIFO and HIFO (as approved by the ATO).

Data analytics

Detailed inventory with purchase history of every coin held.


Audit trail for all changes made in the transactions.

Client management dashboard
A one stop shop to keep track of all your crypto clients
Now available for all accountants